From Start-Up Advisory to Commercial Real Estate Loans.

AI Capital Advisors was founded along side our single family office — we are a team of commercial real estate investment and financing specialists, business and venture advisors, and strategic business structuring experts with the track record to prove it. Together, we specialize in business advisory, as well as commercial real estate finance, covering everyone from entrepreneurs, to institutions, to startups at every level of the investment cycle.

With a main focus on management consulting following founder Jeffrey Fidelman’s 12-years of experience with pre-seed startups, Morgan Stanley, and HSBC, AI Capital Advisors provides banking and debt placement commercial real estate services, venture advisory, presentation, financial modeling, and early stage investment advisement.


Over the past 12-years, Jeffrey Fidelman has worked in a variety of industries, with both entrepreneurs and institutions, with the common denominator of helping them to build and grow their businesses. Beginning in real estate, Jeffrey established one of the first buyers-only brokerages in New York City, selling the venture to his partners several years later. Jeffrey then went on to work in banking for the next 5-years, half of which was spent with Morgan Stanley and the other half at HSBC.

While on assignment, Jeffrey was approached by a family office to start an internal VC fund, of which $125 million was earmarked for early stage investment. He worked to provide pre-seed funding and join the companies as an active investor/advisor, helping them with everything from presentation narrative, financial modeling, capital structure. Once the fund was allocated, Jeffrey decided to tie his collective experience together and founded AI Capital Advisors to work with companies and individuals.

AI Capital Advisors was officially born in 2015.