Venture Advisory

AI Capital Advisors works with entrepreneurs and organizations ranging from pre-development to Series B providing financial guidance, capital raise advisory*, and strategic business advisory.


Presentation Advisory

AI Capital Advisors has a long track record of working with individuals and companies seeking to raise capital. We address both story and narrative in the preparation of the fundraising deck as well as providing a thoughtful approach to the calculation of total addressable markets size.

Services Offered:

  • Presentation Creation or Review
  • Narrative Advisory
  • Detailed Market Size/Opprotunity Analysis 

Financial advisory

AI Capital Advisors has the capabilities to build the company's financial and/or business model from scratch, working alongside the entrepreneur, testing all potential variables. Additionally, we can provide a detailed Market Size/Opportunity Analysis as well as a Valuation Analysis.

Services Offered:

  • Financial Model Creation or Review
  • Detailed Valuation Analysis with Supporting Methodology
  • Capital Structure with Analysis
    • Convertible Note, Equity, Debt, etc...

*We do not solicit investors or raise capital on our client's behalf.

strategic business advisory 

AI Capital Advisors works with entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 companies to create more efficient business development and operations. Starting with a detailed review of the existing business, providing a detailed strategic plan, and finally execution - AI Capital will work with the company to ensure a profitable outcome.

Services Offered:

  • Business Development Advisory
  • Strategic Operating Plan Development
  • Business Model Review